PyCS : Python Curve Shifting



This package is no longer maintained, please consider using the new version for python3 PyCS3.

PyCS is a software toolbox to estimate time delays between multiple images of strongly lensed quasars, from resolved light curves such as obtained by the COSMOGRAIL monitoring program. It comes in the form of a python package, and heavily depends on numpy, scipy, and matplotlib for its core functionality. The repository is on GitHub.

To measure time delays with pycs, you’ll typically write a script calling some high-level functions provided by the package. PyCS allows you to compare different point estimators (including your own), without much code integration.

If you have already read our papers, you might want to proceed with Download & Installation, or the Tutorial. To get a quick first impression of how PyCS looks in practice, install PyCS and then go directly to the Demonstration scripts. These show you how to reproduce the figures from the method paper.


Please read this important warning about using PyCS.

Questions ?

Feel free to post an issue on GitHub, or to contact the code authors Malte Tewes and Vivien Bonvin.